Employer-provided life insurance is one of the core benefits incorporated into any program. In concert with medical coverage, it is at the heart of the protection strategy that employees desire for their families.

Vertus’ relationships with premier life insurers means that all employees and their families at all levels within your organization will have access to cost-effective, innovative and flexible solutions and services that will enhance your ability to attract and retain top talent.


Shaping an effective Group Life program takes an intimate knowledge of employee desires merged with an in-depth understanding of carriers, products and options. Vertus consultants work with your team to provide advice, analysis, audits and ideas for solutions to help drive savings and give employees a range of solutions to fit their lifestyles, families and budgets. Whether the need is Individual Life, Group Life, Universal Life, Global Business Travel Accident (BTA) or Voluntary Life/AD&D, Vertus experts will leverage relationships with premier life insurance carriers to design customized solutions for employees at all levels within your organization.

1. Plan design analysis

  • Benefits review and recommendations
  • Certificate review
  • Policy review
  • Structure

2. Financial review

  • Pricing review
  • Underwriting
  • Funding review
  • Reserves and buy-outs

3. Proposal development and marketing

4. Participation analysis

5. Claim audits

6. Benchmarking

7. Ongoing account management and reporting


A large, federal government department with more than 18,000 employees believed it had an existing life insurance offering providing both traditional term and permanent life insurance products. However, leadership decided it was time to seek an independent audit and assessment of the program to see how it stacked up against current best practices and market-based alternatives. At a time when government entities are under pressure to become more efficient, the plan was becoming burdensome in terms of administrative resources. Further, the participating contract with the current life insurance carrier tended to create significant swings in the financial condition of the plan.


Vertus professionals undertook an extensive, onsite audit of the program to assess the efficiency of current plan administration against industry best practices. A benchmark and plan design evaluation found term and permanent life options were misaligned, causing confusion.

We recommended ways to streamline the plan to make it easier to communicate to employees and simpler to navigate. Vertus also advised a change in reserving practices to strengthen financial stability, in addition to performance guarantees to ensure that the incumbent carrier followed best practices. The department was able to decrease its administrative burden and provide employees with closer alignment among permanent and term offerings.

21% reduction in medical costs
7% reduction in dental costs with improved access
No reduction in employee benefits
Enrollment platform audit and improvement