COVID-19 Vaccination Policy Considerations

December 17, 2020

By Judith Verhave, Founder & CEO of Next Chapter Solutions and Vertus Advisory Board Member

Since the early days of the Covid-19 Pandemic we have been asked by employers what they should be thinking about when it comes to vaccination policies in the workplace. At the time, a vaccination seemed a lifetime away and most suggested that following the guidance for flu vaccination policy was a prudent approach. To date there have been announcements by 3 pharmaceuticals that they have a vaccination with greater than 90% efficacy ready for FDA consideration: AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer. Great Britain has approved the Pfizer vaccine and expects to begin administering the vaccine within days. With the first doses of the vaccines expected to be administered to healthcare workers and more vulnerable populations here in the U.S. by years end, policy consideration remains little changed since those initial conversations.

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