Compliance Alerts

Summary annual report (regular deadline)


September 30, 2020


Group health plans that are subject to the Form 5500 filing requirement (and have not extended the Form 5500 deadline)


Employers that are required to file a Form 5500 must provide participants with a summary of the information in the Form 5500, called a summary annual report (SAR). The plan administrator generally must provide the SAR within nine months of the close of the plan year. For calendar year plans, this deadline is Sept. 30, 2020.

If an extension of time to file the Form 5500 is obtained, the plan administrator must furnish the SAR within two months after the close of the extension period.

Plans that are exempt from the annual 5500 filing requirement are not required to provide an SAR. Large, completely unfunded health plans are also generally exempt from the SAR requirement.